Indicators Summarize and packing
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We have many accuracy grades for option for the digital indicators, the products accord with National Standard and German Standard.
¡¤ Resolution: 0.01mm/0.0005",0.001mm/0.00005"
¡¤ Range: 12.5mm/0.5",25mm/1",50mm/2"
¡¤ Accuracy: 0.003mm,0.005mm,0.009mm,0.015mm,
             ¡À0.02mm, ¡À0.03mm, ¡À0.04mm
¡¤ Max measuring speed£º0.6M/S (0.001mm/0.0001")
                        3M/S (0.01mm/0.0005")
¡¤ Maximum display speed£º 8T/S
¡¤ Operating temperature£º 0 ¡æ¡«40 ¡æ
¡¤ Storage temperature£º -10 ¡æ¡«60 ¡æ
¡¤ Water protection up to IP65
¡¤ Power£º3V CR2025 (lithium ion cell)
¡¤ Battery life£º1 year under normal operation
¡¤ Via data connecting cable