Calipers Summarize and packing
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The digital caliper offers you easy reading,gear-less measurements in both English and Metric display without  the need to read a vernier. The easy glide action provides the smoothness and ¡°feel¡± to make accurate measurements. Reads to 0.01mm (0.0005¡å).

The UPM products accord with the National Standard and  Japan Industrial Standard.                                    

¡€Resolution£º  0.01mm /0.0005¡å
¡€Repeatability£º 0.01mm /0.0005¡å
¡€Maximum Display Speed£º8T/S
¡€Maximum Measurement Speed£º3M/S
¡€Operating temperature£º 0 ¡æ¡«40 ¡æ
¡€Storage temperature£º -10 ¡æ¡«60 ¡æ
¡€Battery life£º1 year under normal operation
The digital caliper permits four types of different measurements.